Astron Argon

Greetings of the Vernal Equinox!!



Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Once upon a time there was a Great Wild Beast whose mighty roar could be heard all over a sleepy kingdom. In this kingdom there were many lovely maidens. Each Maiden lived in a wonderful cottage by a lake or a stream or by the ocean or by an echoing valley. The Children of this kingdom knew no mother or father but rather sought sustenance and comfort in the house of one of the many Maidens. Each Maiden gathered about herself all of the beautiful Children that she came in contact with and taught them by the L.V.X. of Her Soul.

Each Maiden could hear the roar of the Great Wild Beast and knew that with each roar, new Children would come seeking sustenance and shelter and knowledge. The maidens would leave on porch lights to guide the children to them for the Kingdom was enveloped in eternal darkness save in the presence of a Maiden. If a Child learned well, they became a Maiden and left the cottage, with a light of their own to build and light a cottage of their own.

At intervals, a Great Wild Beast would be born and roar for a time. Each Great Wild Beast, nearing the time of His passing, would teach a Maiden how to roar like them and instruct them to pass the roar on until they heard another Great Wild Beast.

One day, the Great Wild Beast died and his roar was not heard in the Kingdom for many a year. The faithful Maidens kept the porch lights on for the Children, but some of the Maidens could not themselves remember what they should teach the Children when they came. For these had taught only by the sound of the voice of the Great Wild Beast and had never learned to teach by the L.V.X. of Her Soul.

So when the voice of the Great Wild Beast could be heard no more in the kingdom these Maidens gradually began to age and wither until they became Hags full of venom and hate (which is love after another manner). Still, the Children came and still the Maidens and the Hags taught.

If the Maidens taught self reliance, the Hags taught submission. If the Maidens taught courage the Hags taught deceit. This was the way in the kingdom for many a year until darkness was once again on the face of the deep and even this story was forgotten.

May the purity of our current be renewed!

Love is the law, love under will.